Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 13 at The Neverending Bookshop

It's day 13 here at the store, and I'm still loving every moment. Even though it has only been 13 days, I can't imagine a time when I wasn't here, in this awesome space, steeping in books. Of course, I'm loving every minute differently... Some moments, I love that I'm the sole owner of a bookstore and can set my own schedule within the store. Other moments, I love the memories from when I worked with a staff of 35 or more people at Third Place Books. It helps keep the loneliness at bay.

That was something I had considered when I first decided to open my own store, all by my booksellery self. That I would be on my own every day, with no back up, no co-workers, no managers to help with the occasional challenging customer. No one to cover if I were to get sick. I miss my friends at Third Place Books, giggling with them in the backroom over book covers and cute new pets books.

But I'm also so happy to be running my own shop. That has far and away outweighed the occasional bought of loneliness I've felt. My upstairs neighbor (a graphic artist), is very friendly and stops in with her baby almost every day. My landlady is a very sweet, elderly woman who likes to stop in and see how I'm doing.

And, of course, the members of the Bothell community that have stopped in are all full of joy and happiness at having me here. That, above all, brings so much joy to each and every day I'm in the shop.

Today's featured book!
During some of my quieter moments, I've been working on ways to get the word out even more about The Neverending Bookshop. Today I launched my Featured Daily Book on the social webs, which will promote a new book I have for sale every day. I also have an Etsy page, where I'm selling my handcrafted scarves and cowls. I've almost always got my knitting with me at the store, and I welcome local crafters to stop in and talk about their projects!

I also have the bits and pieces of a website!! It's very exciting, though definitely a work in progress. You can view it at My awesome friend Jordan has helped me set it up, and I am eternally grateful to him and his computer prowess.

So, now, the eternal question in retail: What would you like to see out of your local bookstore, Bothell? What am I not doing that you wish to see? How can I serve your literary needs? Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below! I'm always open to new ideas!

Happy reading all!