Sunday, September 13, 2015

Painting, party of 12?

My husband, wielding painter's tape.
In my ongoing quest to open my own bookstore, I have now secured myself a space and it's been painted! Yesterday, a group of my plucky friends and family got together and slapped a new coat of paint on my future bookstore space.

My husband and I got there early, donuts in hand, and started taping off all of the doors and outlets so that when everyone else showed up, we could get straight to work. Shortly thereafter, we discovered all of the items we needed and did not have, and my parents arrived just in time for me to go racing off with my mom to fetch such items. Really, it was just so fetch. (See what I did there? See, see?) By the time we returned from our outing for more supplies, everyone else had shown up, and the painting was already underway.
The best "before" picture.

The space is roughly 560 square feet and, if you can believe it, housed a wine-tasting bar and bistro until December 2014. The paint job the former tenants had applied would definitely work for an intimate, adorable bistro with candles on the table and low lighting. But wouldn't work as well for a cheerful, cozy little bookstore where the community comes to browse used books. The previous business had put in some nice touches, like a tiny stage under the only window, and really nice fake wainscoting along the long wall. Most of which, let's be honest, will be covered up by bookcases.

Besties being silly!
The colors I decided on, after comparing a few with the red ceiling - again painted by the previous tenants - were Ice Rink Blue and Zanzibar Spice. So very light blue and a darkish tan color. Together with the red ceiling, they brightened up the small space considerably. So even on the darkest of days, overcast and rainy, The Neverending Bookshop should hopefully shine as a beacon of cozy through the hypothetical storm. 

One of the better "after" pictures.
I suppose that's some quite dramatic wording there, but the lighter paint did help brighten up the store space and make it seem bigger. The light fixtures are not in yet, so the light was limited, but as we covered up the old, dark paint - jiving to Michael Jackson and Imagine Dragons - the bookstore began to really take shape. At least for me. And having the laughter and goofiness of my friends and family as they painted, yet again reminded me that opening a business is not the undertaking of just one person. Everyone around you whom you love and respect pooling their wonderful positive energy to help with your goal is the most powerful and amazing things to witness. Despite being the owner and only employee of my shop, I am clearly not launching into this alone. Thank goodness.

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