Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Financing a love of literature

In the last two days, I've put two things together that are the hardest part yet of opening The Neverending Bookshop. They are an Etsy shop ( and a GoFundMe account (

Why is this so hard, you might be asking yourself. Well, it's because I'm asking for help. And I'm asking for money.

I never ask for help. And I never, ever ask for money.

I have a very hard time asking for help. Mostly because I'm offered help all the time when I don't actually need it. Visually, I look like I'm about to tip over at any moment. Many people who don't know me at all are very concerned for my well-being - for example, my ability to open a door or lift something heavy. Through the years of politely waving off offers of assistance, I have a developed a bit of a complex about asking for help. It's very embarrassing for me to ask, even someone very close to me like my parents, husband, or friends. I really don't need help most of the time, even when I'm whining at my husband that I do. He knows I don't, and usually makes me do whatever I'm asking myself. As significant others are wont to do.

My reaching out to you through social media, in person, and through other networking mediums, is kind of a big deal for me. Especially because I'm asking for money.

When I decided to become a bookseller at the age of 15, I already knew that it would not be a career path full of money. Many authors have second jobs. Some live in poverty for their art. I've rarely heard of an average bookstore owner driving a fancy car, or buying a multi-million dollar house. I have no doubt those bookstore owners do exist (Powell's, The Strand, etc.), but most booksellers don't get into the literary business with money in mind. They do it because they love literature, each and every bookseller in a different way, but that combined love overshadows the love of financial gain.

I do not expect to make a lot of money with my store. Hopefully enough so it is sustainable, and enough for groceries and to feed my personal book habits. But the reason I'm opening The Neverending Bookshop is not for monetary gain. It is to spread the love of books and reading to the Bothell community and beyond. It is to share my joy at the latest Young Adult or Science Fiction novel It is to encourage readers and writers young and old to embark on their next adventure.

However, to get started, The Neverending Bookshop does need an infusion of funding. I've made the personal decision to not pursue loans at this moment in the store's inception. That might possibly change. But I'm hoping and counting on the kindness of my friends and of strangers to get the store off the ground.

I'm asking for help, that rare thing that many people outside my inner circle have rarely witnessed. Please help me in launching my dream by donating to my GoFundMe account or purchasing from my Etsy shop!

(Here is a video that helps explain my request!)

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